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Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming Services in Hurst, TX

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Our Crew Members at Hurst Tree Removal Services provide expert tree trimming in Hurst, TX as recommended by our ISA arborists. We understand that your trees are an asset to your landscape and that's why our arborists specialize in every aspect of Tree Care in Hurst, TX. With our aesthetic cleaning and proper tree canopy lifts, we target specific branches and limbs to increase the long-term and overall health of the tree, providing an even tree structure to allow the growth to continue out of the way of your home or other personal property that might get damaged from wind storms in Hurst, TX. As suggested by our Staffed Arborist; after pruning or removals, we always take the time sanitized our equipment to reduce transmission of disease, and with the proper trimming techniques, a tree's health can dramatically improve.

Why Should I Do Tree Trimming in Hurst, TX?

  1. Removal of dead wood
  2. Diseased sections
  3. To decrease the properties chance of receiving damage from falling limbs and surrounding homes
  4. Clear utility lines and meet requirements of city codes
  5. Removal of obstructive limbs that might be rubbing together against each other which may cause disease and infections to occur
  6. Insurance requirement compliance
  7. Increase sunlight for grass and other landscape plants and to improve over all aesthetics of your landscape

Every cut that is made by a tree trimming company during a tree trimming service can change the look and growth patterns of a tree. That's why it's important to let a arborist survey the tree and select each branch for removal making sure that the process is deliberate with the intent to improve the growth taking constant consideration of the entire structure of the tree. Trees can sometimes fall over during a storm making them victims to poor quality tree trimming. When trimming young trees it is particularly important to create structurally-sound Tree canopy changes that will define the long-term health, the overall appearance, and shape of the tree to give it balance. This type of evaluation requires extensive knowledge and experience, both of which are provided by Hurst Tree Removal Services staff of experienced Hurst tree trimming professionals.

Your landscape's value usually takes years to undo with proper tree trimming services. We constantly update our studies using the most well document and scientific methods when trimming your Hurst tree and landscape for the purpose of helping your trees and the surrounding environment thrive. Out dated practices such as sealing and painting are old ideas that our current studies have shown to be harmful to your trees. At Hurst Tree Removal Services we know that every tree specimen is different, and therefore need different tree trimming techniques. The percentage of canopy that should be removed from your tree depends on the species, health, and age. Proper tree trimming is knowing when removal of too much of the tree's canopy can have very negative consequences. This kind of Knowledge comes from experience and originates from classes and education of the various species of every tree. Our tree trimming techniques will give your tree a maximum growth regardless of the species. Because we train all our Hurst tree trimmers to follow our specific instructions given by our tree experts who lead all our projects. When you hire Hurst Tree Removal Services you always get the professional opinion of arborists that are committed to the health of your trees. Our arborists are always a text message or phone call away from getting any questions we need answered, so our staff is always available to make sure our tree trimmers have constant supervision and staff support for any surprises that may arise

Three Stages of Proper Tree Trimming in Hurst, TX

Stage One:

Crown Cleaning - includes the removal of dead and damaged branches, hazardous branches that rub or are weakly connected, and removal of diseases such as Mistletoe.

Stage Two:

Crown Thinning - removes selected suckers and branches through the interior of the tree. We also remove selected branches in crowded parts of the canopy, creating a lacier effect. This allows for increased air movement and light penetration that benefits the tree by reducing disease, molds and fungi.

Stage Three:

Crown Raising - This final step removes downward-growing limbs and reduces overall weight on limbs. We never remove major limbs unless previously discussed with the client, allowing us to preserve the overall characteristics of each tree. If we see limbs that are growing into structures or need to be removed for other reasons, we discuss this with the client before removal begins.

Our Hurst Tree Trimming Service Includes

Limbs that are six inches in diameter or less are included in the general trimming price unless otherwise discussed. If necessary, harnesses and safety equipment will be used to lower large, detached branches safely. Once trimming is finished, all debris will be removed from the property unless otherwise requested.